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Why e-POM?

Why e-POM?

Disputes between online marketplaces and their business customers can be hard to resolve – not to mention expensive and time consuming. And it’s even worse when the two sides are based in different jurisdictions.

Most online selling goes without a hitch, but if you run into problems, our easy-to-access online mediation takes just six weeks from start to finish, and comes with a low fixed fee. The agreements are binding, and e-POM takes care of all the formalities.

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e-POM mediators help settle disputes between online platforms and their business users all over Europe

Is your business in dispute with an online platform?

  • Has your account been discontinued or suspended?
  • Are you unhappy with your ranking?
  • Do you feel treated unjustly?
  • Did the platform refuse your app?

Wouldn’t it be great to settle things quickly and fairly, without the cost and hassle of litigation?

e-POM was set up to do just that. Our Pan-European service is dedicated to resolving disputes between online platforms and their business users.

Our mediators are impartial and independent qualified neutrals with business knowledge and a legal background and we are the only provider with accredited negotiators in all EU countries, plus the UK.

Fast resolution

Complaints and disputes settled within six weeks.

High success rate

95% of our mediations resolve the dispute

Professional mediators

All e-POM mediators are certified in their own jurisdiction.

Low fixed costs

€750 + VAT for each party

Video conferencing

Online live mediation sessions – no need to travel.


Our mediators speak your language.

Safe and reliable

Your mediated settlements are legally binding.

Easy to set up

Begin the process in just five simple steps.

How it works

Mediation is almost always cheaper than hiring a lawyer and going to court. But e-POM cuts the cost even further by using online mediation and an easy five-step registration process:

We first need the details of your company and of the platform
In order to be able to contact you, we ask for your email address and phone number. We also need to know your position within the company because we are obliged by law to check that you are legally authorized to represent your company.
Here you may give us a brief description of your dispute with the platform. You can upload documents and tick the box to indicate the value of your dispute.
You may select a mediator from your own country or from another country if that is what you prefer. In addition, you may leave the choice to us.
You can pay online so we can contact the platform immediately after receiving your payment.

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e-POM is for resolution of disputes with most online marketplaces active in Europe

Our mediators

We have a large pool of mediators in the EU and the UK.

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The new rules

EU Regulation 2019/1150 is designed to promote fairness and transparency of business for users of online platforms. From 11 July 2020, online platforms operating in the EU and in the UK must nominate at least two mediators who they will work with to settle disputes with business customers.

Realising that it would be difficult for platforms to find the right mediators – and even harder for their business customers – I contacted colleagues throughout Europe, and we agreed to set up e-POM (European Platform for Online Mediation). Like the platforms themselves, e-POM is international, with local mediators available in every EU country, and in the UK. We are delighted that so many platforms have already nominated e-POM as a service provider of independent mediators, and we hope many others will follow.

Bart Neervoort, founder

Frequently asked questions

We are a legal entity registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. We have a pool of independent professional business mediators in almost every country of the EU and the UK. They are certified in their home country, experienced with online mediation and have knowledge of the problems, which can arise between online platforms and their business users.
You are a business user if you market and sell your products or services via an online platform. If as a business you have made a purchase through an online platform, you are a not a business user as in the EU B2P Regulation but a consumer and there are other ways of redress than e-POM.
Many platforms have informed us beforehand that they will accept e-POM mediators to try to settle disputes with their business users. Should you have a claim/complaint against a platform, that has not yet done so, we will contact them and ask for their approval.
Mediation is a voluntary process. It is confidential. Mediators help the parties to clear possible misunderstandings, understand the other`s point of view and interests and reach a negotiated settlement. They will do so by speaking with the parties confidentially both separately and jointly. Mediators do not advise or make a decision.
No. When during the mediation mediators find that the parties should know more about their legal position, they may advise them to seek legal advice before continuing the mediation. Mediators themselves will not give legal advice. Having a legal background, the mediators may advise the parties jointly on procedural aspects or on facts of general legal knowledge.
You simply follow the steps. This allows you to enter your details, describe the dispute, upload relevant documents and select a mediator. You can also ask us to select a mediators, who seems most suitable to help you to resolve your dispute. When you have paid the registration fee we contact the platform immediately and invite them to join the mediation.
When the platform has confirmed to us that it agrees to mediate your dispute and to your or our choice of the mediator, you will be contacted directly by that mediator. Both parties receive a draft mediation agreement and an invoice for the mediators fee ( € 750,- + VAT). Upon receiving scanned copies of the signed mediation agreement and payment of the invoices, the mediator will contact each party for a private and confidential videoconference. After that a time and date is fixed for a joint videoconference.
That depends entirely how it goes. The mediator will discuss at the end of the first session if and when further sessions will be held. On average 2 sessions lead to resolution of the dispute or the conclusion that parties agree to disagree.
That is always possible if the parties want that. All e-POM mediators have facilities for a face to face mediation. They a may also suggest another neutral venue within reasonable travelling distance. As the mediators fee is based on online mediation, the mediator will charge extra for face to face mediation, but that will be agreed before the actual mediation begins.
Any agreement is laid down in writing. If you ask the mediator to draw up the settlement agreement the mediator will send a draft and ask you both to return a scan of a signed copy.
In the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, you will have to decide if you want to legal steps. Unfortunately we and the mediator cannot give a refund.
Legal action can be expensive and time-consuming, with no guarantee of success. With e-POM you know you have a considerable chance that the complaint or dispute will be settled within six weeks, with no hidden costs or expenses.
The agreements negotiated by e-POM mediators and laid down in a settlement agreement are legally binding. Give the agreement to your lawyer to take legal steps.
€750 + VAT (each party) for claims with a value up to €100,000. Both sides pay the filing fee of €250,- to e-POM and another € 500,- to your mediator when he or she starts work. When the platform is not willing to negotiate a mediated settlement, you receive a € 150,- refund. When the platform does not approve working with e-POM, you receive a full refund of your filing fee. For large and/or complex disputes, please contact us for a quote.
By stream-lining the process, and doing everything online. Registration is done using a simple form, and businesses and platforms are asked to upload their documents to a secure server. Negotiations are conducted using online meeting tools.
Please tell us. We will try to resolve your complaint. Our Mediators follow the IMI Code of Professional Conduct. If you believe the standards established in this Code have not been met, you may activate the IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process (
For online mediations e-POM mediators use the most confidential version of ZOOM, WEBEX, MS Teams or similar programmes for video conferencing. They will always consult with the parties, in case one is against the use of any of these programmes.
The details which the parties provide us with when starting a mediation or responding are only shared with the other party and the mediator. For further details please check the Privacy Statement elsewhere on this website.
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